No email yet paid via trialpay!!!


while uninstaling a trial version of your Internet Security software, I got a pop up telling me I can get comodo internet security 2011 for 1 year if I complete an offer from

I went there followed all the steps and completed one of the offers which was to register for and buy a game from big fish games. This offer was supposed to be instant but its been half a day since I did that and I have had no email from comodo or trial pay about the 1 year subscription I was supposed to receive.

At first I could see the ‘comodo IS 2011 offer’ as the last viewed offer in my trial pay account and now even that has dissapeared!

I am kicking my head right now as to why I chose comodo in the first place… security software is supposed to protect the user from just these kinds of scams and cons on the net whereas comodo is the one indulging itself in a scam here!!
what sort of protection can it provide to users when it indulges itself in this kind of buisness!!!??

I am from India and theres no way I am oing to pick up the phone and call you or trialpay and spend a fortune to get what I paid for and email/forums are the only recourse I have…

I am gonna wait for a day or two to see if this gets resolved and I get what I paid for if I dont then you can be sure that neither I nor anyone in my entired wide circle will ever come within spitting distance of comodo ever!!!

Hi rantingraj,
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Thanks from Captainsticks.