No Drag&drop to VMWare Player?

I’d like to confirm this first before filling in a report. Has anyone noticed that you cannot drag and drop items from host to virtual machine by dragging a file anymore? I was testing AVG few days ago and it worked. Restored a clean image that i use, installed CIS and now i can’t drag files from host to my VM anymore.

I’m using latest VMWare Player (with latest additions installed) with Win7 64bit installed in it. Host is also Win7 64bit.

Hmm yes I found you can, but it can take several tries and quite a while.

Thought it was latest VMware, but it seems not unless you have just updated, so worth reporting

Ah I think your quarantining may be related to this as well as cloud lookups

I had unrecognised files I dragged into VMware being detected and quarantined, but there was nothing in quarantine.

Basically CIS detects the temp file Egemen said. Not sure myself, may be a network thing, I’ll wait till I get it on production machine.

Well, in my case i was unable to even drag into VM since i instantly got crossed circle as soon as i dragged anything over to VM window…

If you hold it there it may change…

drag&drop working here.
vmware player, tested with XP Pro & XP Pro x64

It seems you’re right. Though this isn’t a nromal behavior. I haven’t had such delays or problems with any other antivirus or security program.