No dll injection alerts by Comodo FW

I am using Comodo FW since abouta year and I see an option to alert for dll injactions in Comodo but I never got an alert from Comodo about this while System Safety Monitor gives me a lot of such alerts? Can anybody tell what I am misssing here? Are u people getting such alerts? Any screenshots?


2.4 isn’t (fully) a HIPS yet, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t appear unless the programs deal with net access. I have had such DLL alerts more often in 2.3, but even then I rarely receive them. I’ll try to see if I can screenshot it later.

Edit: Nope. Couldn’t get a screenshot, but this user seems to have reported it:,7285.0.html

Thanks I remember of getting such pop ups in the past.

I think it monitors dll loading but does not warn u about this unless if these is suspicious keylogger type activity. Instead mostly u get an alert about unknown components( already injected dlls) when an application wants outbound connection.

I will wait for an official response though.

I think you’ll have a better chance if you ask them directly:

Ok, thanks.