no digital signature

cis run application that have digital signature out of sandbox.
how to configure cis that run any application in sandbox?
because some malware have digital signature(flame, staxnet, …).

Only digital signatures that have been added to Comodo’s trusted vendors list will be trusted. All other files will be untrusted and will be run in the sandbox, unless the user specifically selects the option to allow them.

thanks for your answer.
but, there are malware that have digital signature and the digital signature is in Comodo’s trusted vendors list.
for example :
digital signature of staxnet is Realtek Semiconductor Corp
and Realtek Semiconductor Corp is in Comodo’s trusted vendors list.
please check it.

So you’re worried about digital signatures which are safe at this point but may be dangerous in the future. I agree. This is a worry of mine as well. It’s for that reason that I made this wish.

Please let me know what you think of it.