No Detailed Rules on Popup [Resolved]

Hello everyone,

I just moved a couple of hours ago from Sunbelt Personal Firewall (former Kerio Personal Firewall, former Tiny Personal Firewall). This has been my firewall of choice for around 10 years or so. But I never got around it being sold to Sunbelt :slight_smile:

I have to say Comodo Firewall Pro is proving to be one excellent software. But I have one nag and I would like to know if I’m missing something on the firewall settings.

I run CPF in Custom Policy Mode. When I get a popup asking me to allow or deny a connection and produce a rule, I would like for this rule to be written to the Network Control Rules list as is described by the popup, not as the default “Allow IP Out from IP Any to IP Any Where Protocol is Any”.

For example:
I use ZOC as my ssh client of choice. When connecting to my web host, and without any rule for ZOC yet, I get a popup informing me ZOC is trying to connect to IP X.X.X.X on port 22. Currently there seems to be no way of automatically inscribing this rule. I choose to allow and save the rule, but have to go to the Network Control Rules window and edit the newly created rule.

Is there some shortcut I can use to have the rule saved as is described on the popup?

Welcome to the forum, marfig :-TU

If you want that rule to be more specific, go to:
Firewall > Advanced > Firewall Behaviour Settings > Alert Settings > Move the slider up to something higher (of course it’ll result in more alerts)

Thank you Soyabeaner.

That will do it. I can live with the more alerts as these tend to slow down with each new rule.

Thanks again.

You’re welcome.

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