No connection

On both pc’s I have Comodo Antivirus, combined with Windows firewall (Win7/64).
When I logged in on my second pc this morning (after a few months) Comodo warned that the database was not up to date. I tried to update but only got “A connection with the server could not be established”. The connection with internet was ok; I downloaded and installed some thirty windows updates.
Because I could not find a sollution, I de-installed Comodo Antivirus, downloaded the latest version and installed it again (version 7.0.317799.4142). It can not download database (same message).
Some help please?

Does the following solution work for you:;msg772794#msg772794 .

Sorry, but how do I copy the DefaultConnectionSettings?
Rightclick only gives ‘new’.
No ‘Copy’ in File menu.

I suppose there is an easy answer to my last question, but I really don’t see how to. I suppose I don’t have to copy the whole value manually.
Someone to give a help?

I tried to update after steps 1 and 2, without 3, but it doesn’t work.

I tried and cannot copy either. I am on Win 8.1.1 x64. I posted in the other topic asking if somebody knows how to copy.

I just reinstalled Windows7/64 yesterday. After installing Comodo Antivirus, it downloaded the database updates correctly.
I think it has been a Windows item, not Comodo nor IPv6.
Thanks for help.