No connection when FF, IE, Opera set as 'web browser'

Am I missing something in the FW or Defense+ settings or is this normal? I am not an expert.

V3.10 latest version with default install Configuration set as Firewall Security, FW level set as Custom Mode and Defense+ level set to Safemode, No AntiVirus.
FF 3.5.2 primary browser, also have IE8 and Opera 9.6 installed.

When browsers were first run each was set as ‘web browser’ and ‘remember’ but each gave their version of a ‘cannot make a connection’ message.

Removing each from Network Security Policy, re-running and setting as ‘trusted’ and ‘remember’ a successful connection with each is made.

Hi CU9876

There should be no need to allow these applications to be trusted, using the predefined web browser rule set is more than enough in most cases. The only time it might fail is if you try to connect to a web site that uses a non standard port. Ny default the predefined rule allows connectivity on ports 80, 443 and 8080.

It sounds like the Web browser policy may be changed. Go to Firewall → Advanced → Predefined Security Policies → now post a screenshot of the Web Browser policy.

I have discovered that the total lack of connection is because my WIFI ISP requires me to sign in (http:, thats from memory) on a daily basis.
I am unable to connect and sign in to my ISP with browser set as ‘web browser’ only as trusted application.

If I set to trusted, then sign in, then set it back to web browser, I can browse until the next time I need to sign.

How do I set my FW to be able to sign into my ISP address each time and still leave my browsers set as ‘web browser’.

Can you show us screenshots of your Global Rules and firewall logs of around the time this happens (Firewall → Common tasks → View Firewall events)?

Thank you for your assistance, as requested:
Global rules are as set by Comodo, I have not messed with anything.

Your Global Rules are fine. The logs show that your browsers try to connect to on port 81 and get blocked. I guess is the default gateway of your provider. I want you to add port 81 to your http ports. Go to Firewall → Common Tasks → My Port Sets -->select http ports → add → a new port → choose single port and fill in 81 → Apply → Apply.

Now try again.

Did as instructed, added the port and turned the browsers back to ‘web browser’ setting.

That has worked for the past twenty four hours, so apparently problem solved.
I should have thought of the port addition but did not know enough about the global rules to be sure if they were set correctly even if they were default.

EricJH, once again, thank you for your help.