No connection through external proxy

Hi all,

I have CIS v5 running and under normal conditions it’s working fine. However, for various reasons I need to connect through a proxy running on the same LAN. As soon as I change IE’s Connection settings to use this the browser is unable to connect to the web. CIS can update and other applications can access the internet because they are not using the proxy.

Here are some example details:

Host IP:
Proxy IP:
Proxy port: 81

So IE works until its proxy settings are enabled and set to (port 81).

There is no activity listed in Active Connections.

I have contacted support and they added some settings that enabled port 81 specifically as being valid for IE, but that made no difference.

I should mention that other PCs on the LAN, set up with exactly the same configuration (but other AV products, not CIS) work fine through the proxy.

Disabling CIS does not allow the proxy connection either - I assume that some processes are still running and intercepting/blocking the connection.

I’m running Windows XP Pro, 32-bit.

Any ideas?

Best wishes,

Are you using the Web Browser policy for IE? Then add port 81 to the HTTP ports in Network Security Policy → Port Sets.