No connection blocked

Hi, can anyone explain why i have no(0) blocked intrusion attemps so far?
on my vista this this number will go up quite fast by all different thins/softwares.

But on my win7 im not getting any :o is it a good o bad thing?

The settings is set to "safe mod " on the win7 (dont remember the settings on the vista)

on this system im on now thats has been on for a day i now have 223 blocked connections (system and msn)

On what OS is it happening? What is the version number of CIS on that installation?

i can´t see what version i have on the the one that is not blocking but it is on an win7.
On this(vista) i have the 3.14.130099.587 version

can you atleast say what i should worry about? the one blocking or the one not blocking.

Here is an image of the latest blocked connection (on vista)

The traffic you see blocked on Vista is your system trying to broadcast to your local network. It is part of the so called NETBIOS protocol. It is used for File and Printer Sharing over a local network.

There are three things to consider:

  • Don’t share things over the local network and be not bothered by the logged blocks
  • Share things over the local network and I will show you how to set that in the firewall
  • Don’t share things over the local network and follow How to disable NetBIOS on the Internet Adapter for Windows 2000/XP/2003 to disable NETBIOS and get rid off the logging of the blocks

It’s up to you.