No closing CPF needed

Hi there,
I thought I would add this to your little lot that you get.
I used to use ZoneAlarm 5.5 and when logging into every single time I would add a post to the forums board it would never accept it, I was forced to shut down ZoneAlarm to insert the post then run ZoneAlarm again.
This was something I did not like one but.

But since using CPF 2.3.4 .45 I dont need to do this. What a big diferance this is to me.

Just thought I would let you know, well done for this nice program.

Ohhhhh yes and another thing when using ZOneALarm I would log into and notice certain graphics would not appear, but again since using CPF this is not happening.

Mike. (:CLP)

Hi Mike and thanks for the kind words… COMODO has worked very hard to give us all a product that is not only well developed but it 100% effective and most of all. FREE! What more could you ask for… Recommend it to your friends…

Yes and its people like you with full free software like that, that makes people like me feel safer on the net.

These days safety is best, why dont others go the free route and make peopel safer? To be honest I simply can not afford the prices that some companies ask for.
Lett`s be honest here, if Comodo can do it, then why cant others ?

Not every one has the money to pay for the products that a lot offer, I simply havent got it.
So I am thankfull for Comodo and yes I am going to download it to my two daughters PCs and tell my two sons about Comodo, next is my wife. We all have PC`s and two times now I have had to ref-format my daughters HD because of a virus that actualy wasnt her fault.
I feel much safer with Comodo on mine.
I am not saying that her anti virus and firewall software wasnt up to it, (but it could have done a lot better) but let me put it this way she wont ever be using that product again.

This is what happens when you put a free (but in some way crippled) product on your PC to protect you. Comodo if yes free but not crippled.

Need I say any more.

Thanks again.

Mike. (:LGH)

Yes Mike you are right. Most people dont have the money to pay for such things as firewalls and antivirus programs. COMODO makes it easy for the common man to protect his PC. I plan on building a couple of more computer for my wife and daughter at the end of the year. And you better believe i will be using COMODO products for years to come.

Dan (R) (B) (:CLP)

Thanks again for your words and you are both right on the money. What even makes this deal sweeter, is that they are constantly looking to make the products more effective.