No chance at that BSOD. System wrecked too fast for that with v6.1

My experience is somewhat different than lepota’s, but I suspect I’ve run into the same bug. I did a fresh install of Windows XP SP3, loaded it up with most of the applications I need, and then made the big mistake of installing Comodo Firewall v6.1.13008.2801.

My next step was to reboot the system with the expectation of then importing a backup of the firewall configuration I’ve been using with Comodo v5.12 and many versions prior to it. The first thing I was presented with was several Comodo popups, including the expected dialog relating the discovery of a new network. Obviously I had no need of these popups as I was about to import the configuration I wanted. So, close the popups, right? No. Cannot be done. Why? Well, none of these popups have close buttons of any kind. Seriously, Comodo, uncloseable dialog boxes? :-TD I happen to think the new UI is absolutely horrible, but even aesthetically challenged UI designers know better than that, right? Please fix.

But it gets worse. I drag the uncloseable popups off to the side and use the weird new Comodo UI to import my v5.12 configuration. Done. So I reboot the system. When the system gets to the point where I should be seeing the usual welcome login screen, I get nothing but a black screen, a usable mouse cursor, but absolutely nothing to point at and no response to keyboard activity. My computer is now unusable, courtesy Comodo Firewall v6.1.13008.2801 >:(

Fortunately, I can still reboot into Safe Mode, so I do so with the intent of uninstalling Comodo. No can do. Apparently this requires the Windows installer service, which isn’t available in safe mode. After some painful futzing about, I did eventually manage to get rid of Comodo. I may just install an older version of Comodo, but I’ll look at the competition first. My concern here is that Comodo will eventually upgrade the Comodo Firewall installations on all our computers to this v6 nightmare, at which point all our systems may be wrecked :cry:

Here is why I think my experience links to lepota’s. I too disable Defense+ and always have. In my case the HIPS Settings Mode is 9365502 (0x8EE7FE). The bug in question should be rated Critical and Urgent given the severity of its affect on those who disable Defense+. It has been 3 weeks with no word from Comodo in this thread. May we please have a status update?

I am sorry you cannot import a CIS V5 configuration into CIS V6 it will fail as you found out.

You either have to do a fresh install, or install CIS V5 and import configuration then do a over the top install of CIS V6 activating the 5.12 configuration after you have finished installing.

As with all major version releases of CIS the advice is to do a fresh install to avoid any problems.

Thank you