No button to launch the Help file [RESOLVED]

I’m using the free version of CFP 3.0 with WinXP Home.

One of the posts in this forum advised that the Comodo User Guide is available at the following link:

When I navigate to this page, I can see the link to the PDF. Just under the link is the statement:

“Users can also access this manual by clicking the ‘Help’ button in the Comodo Firewall Pro interface.”

I can’t see a Help button. Maybe I need new specs. ???

However, when I got a “Comodo Defense+ Alert”, I clicked on the link “How should I answer?”, and the Help appeared. :slight_smile:

I placed a shortcut to the Help file on my Desktop.

Can any other user find the Help button?


MISCELLANEOUS/Help :slight_smile:


Thanks for that.

It’s mentioned on page 146 of the 148-page User Guide that I downloaded.

I’m planning to read five pages per day of the User Guide, so it would have taken me 30 days to find out how to launch the Help. :smiley:

No worries buddy

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