No blocked intrusions

I have noticed that i have 0 blocked intrusions for a while now. Before that i had atleast 2 or more per day, why is it 0 now? It is something wrong with the firewall?

Can you tell us a bit more about your network set up? Like what type of connection you have, if there is a router and if there are other computers that use the same connection?

What were the blocks you saw logged before. Can you post a screenshot of them?

I’m connected directly to the network (no switch/router that is mine) and i dont have any logs saved :(.

Yes, there is more computers on this network but they are not mine.

Does the GUI main page show Firewall active applications in the right of the Firewall summary (% Traffic)?
Or can you verify if you have anything active on Firewall → View Active Connections? (please cause some traffic before checking).

Yes i have loads of traffic. (65 outbound connection(s))

Firewall Security → Safe Mode
Defense+ → Safe Mode

So the firewall is working, can you post a screenshot of your Firewall Global Rules?

Home is /

Based on this all your “Home #1” network traffic is allowed so that won’t result in any ‘blocks’.
And the rest will ‘alert’ you for incoming connections.

Maybe your previous setup didn’t have the 'Home #1" rules because that’s a new feature.
Maybe you had run stealth ports wizard and chose ‘block all incoming connections’ that would add a implicit deny rule to this image as last rule.

Okey, maybe i dont remeber.
I havent runned Stealh Port Wizard, should i do that?


I have the same “problem” no blocked intrusions, before that i had at least 3 or 4 blocked by the firewall

I have run the stealth port wizzard but nothing has changed.

I,m running windows 7 64bit with Avast, Cfw,D+ both in safe mode sandbox disabled, Sandboxie,
Windows defender disabled.

I’m connected to the web via a cablemodem/router

My gobal rules are automatically set to:

allow ip out from mac any to mac any where protocol is any

allow icmp in from mac any to mac any where icmp message is fragmentation needed

allow icmp in from mac any to mac any where icmp message is time exceeded

block ip in from mac any to mac any where protocol is any

anyone an idea ?


Hi daaf,

Yes I think I have an idea, if you change the last rule and set ‘log’ option for this one you will see ‘blocks’ return.
This current setting blocks the traffic but doesn’t log it that the reason why you don’t see the numbers increase.

Spot on

Thanks Ronny :-TU .

Now i can see the firewall actually works and thats always nice to know :wink: