No AV updates? [merged topic]

For almost a day there are no updates of virus databases. Is this normal?

Hi Black Angel,
Every now and again we see some delays for unknown reasons.
Est 12 Hrs ago here, current DataBase version 15862.

It’s been 36 hrs since the last update…

Well I bet you we gonna get one big update soon! LOL! ;D

Daisy will wake up and total number of signatures will decrease. ;D

Thanks Siketa, I took it from the GUI which was inaccurate (My bad) as that shows the last time the DB updated on the local system only.

In fact, I think it shows the time of last attempt to update.
Whether it was successful or not (I’m on v5). :wink:

I just attempted a manual update with V6, closed/reopened the GUI and it shows 12Hrs.

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Like I said, I’m on v5… :wink:
You remember there is time written on Update info.

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I have so

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Yes, it is getting on for 39Hrs now. :slight_smile:

Comodo 6 shows no updates for past 1 day(s) - even when I click update still none, is this correct or is my install faulty?

As usual…not a word from Comodo… :-\

Sometimes I am loosing confidence in Comodo never NO response from Comodo staff, it would be nice to no :frowning:

Dear users,
currently you are experiencing some problems with xy because of yx.
We are working hard to fix it.
You will be informed about results.

Is that so hard, Comodo?

Hi guys,
To me it appears the answers are obvious, so any response from staff would be rather pointless at this point.
Comodo staff are probably best spending their time on fixing the issue. :slight_smile:

While it would be nice to know more which will happen in time, we also have to remember to have Staff interaction is a privilege and not a right. :wink:

May be the servers are down! It happens also with other AV solutions (Bitdefender, Avira etc…) :P0l

For 36 hrs?
Do they have a backup field of servers?

Apparently something is not working like it should and as already stated we don’t know what is happening either. Everything else will be sheer speculation.

Over the past weeks several US banks have been ddossed. In my country there has been one confirmed ddos against ING bank (Friday) and iDeal (Dutch payment system of banks for online payments also on Friday) and a news paper (De Telegraaf) yesterday.

For all I know bad guys are testing for even bigger scale attacks… :wink: Like I said; it is all speculation under further notice.

On a side note. Who needs AV signatures anyway with Comodo’s Default Deny? :wink: I am not worried… :smiley:

Comodo should hire a few more developers. Especially very skilled developers.

Bitdefender is the best security software in the world because they are very fast to fix bugs and add more features. There is always betas.

There are always job openings there as well