No Av updates for 2 days, Why?.

??? I am wondering if Comodo have had hardware problems again as there have been no Av updates for over 2 days and the last time this happened was due to server problems i think.Can anyone throw any light on this one if they know the cause?.


Current signature database is 1149, dated today.
I don’t have an answer for you, but maybe this information can help.

1149 was released on 3 may, today we have 5… so maybe there is something going on?

Hi Breen,

1149 was released on 3 may, today we have 5.. so maybe there is something going on?

It will be live shortly.


This is the only reason why right now I am still not using comodo av as my main av. New signatures are still slow and I really hope that they will be sped up. I would rather have 10 signatures a day at 1000 a piece than 1 signature every 2 days at 100,000 pieces. Once that is achieved I will change my older computer over and really test it out before I move it over to my new computer.

Comodo’s final aim is to release signature updates at every 30 minutes time, as Melih stated.

Now they want to release signatures 2-3 times a day, but it may be delayed a little.

I really hope so because I am hitting them with constant new malware samples all of the time. In reality with my malware database right now comodo and avira are almost equal. I have over 5000 samples and avira missed 1505 and comodo missed 1540 so they are really close.

:-TU I agree Languy99, in that Comodo is catching up nicely, and when 1) They increase regularity of updates, 2) introduce the new Av engine in version 3.9 whatever, then please do your tests again and i will do some of mine, and i think Comodo just might pip Avira ( based on how close youre tests and mine have gone so far, which would be awsome in just 6 months!.3) When Cima finally reaches English shores, then we will see i think lower instances of Fps than Avira ( Just my opinion) and another increase in detection which will then take Comodo to where Melih intends to be at no1 Av.


Give them a break guys… it’s cinco de mayo! ;D

I’m sure things unexpectedly come up every now and then. At least they didn’t pass down a null update just to make everything think they added new sigs.

Today virus database signature: 1151 :wink:

woo I can’t wait to see how many have been added.

:-TU Me too, hope Comodo dont wait 2 days to update the page!!.

Database Version: 1151
Release Date (all times GMT): 5-May-2009 16:00:00
Number of Definitions Added: 76253
Total Definitions: 4761816