No AV Definitions update and glitch???

Ok, i’m not sure whats going on exactly, but i have yet to see the antivirus definitions update for 24 hours. I’ve been at Definition base 1538 since i did the initial update after clean installing CIS 3.10.102194.529.

I have updated to 3.10.102194.530 as well.

Also i notice that every time i click the link The virus database has been updated on XXXXXXXXXX, it changes to whatever time it was that i clicked the link after i receive the message “The virus database is up to date.” I’m not sure if this was intended or a bug. My thinking would be that the date displayed would be the date the definition was released or at least the date that definition was actually downloaded to the computer, not the last time i manually checked and it was supposedly fine.

Again, i haven’t received a definition update in at least 24 hours.

Its a bug/design flaw.

It will be fixed with 4.0 ;D

Ok, would make a little more sense if it just said: “The last check for database updates was: xxxxxxxx” the way it works now. Maybe have that underneath what they have now and actually fix the design flaw lol. idk just offering a suggestion.

but still is something wrong with why i havent received an update to the definitions?

No, no one is getting AV updates right now. I think the AV servers are resizing the Database or something, or making Family Signatures or just offline.

You can check if the AV is being updated here:

It showing the last update time as when the last check was made is nothing new in 3.10. It has done that since the first version I had which was 3.8

Alright i’ll bookmark that.

Oh. I guess i just never realized it cause usually i never did a manual check because it was taking care of it automatically. (and more recently it was about once every other hour or sooner)

Hmmm… Mine says it updated 30 minutes ago. ???

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Check your virus signature database version. Open comodo, hit miscellaneous, then hit about.
1538 is what i’m stuck at. And if i’m not mistaken that is what everyone is stuck at right now.

You are seeing the same thing i was talking about earlier with the time changing to whenever you manually check (or possibly the program maybe??).

I installed 3.10.xxxxx.530 and my virus signature database showing 1541.

That’s what i have now. It updated when i got on this morning.

I’m at 1542 so the updates are definitely working now. ;D