No automatic updates for Comodo Firewall and Avira Antivirus


I’m using XP (still with SP2), Comodo Firewall and Avira Antivirus. Since a few days Avira Antivirus fails on automatic updates. Today I’ve tried updating Comodo. I’m getting “Error 106: Not able to connect to the Internet. …” Which is clearly sort of not correct since I’m able to post in this forum…

Any ideas whats wrong?

Thx in advance


I’m using Avira & CIS without problems.
I advice you to check in the Network security policy of the firewall and in the Computer security firewall of Defense+ that you avira programs are defined as trusted.
If you receive an alerts from CIS for one of the Avira programs you have to accept it off course.
Hope that it can help you.

i’m using Avira antivirus too and i’ve defined it as a trusted application, but still i cannot open the antivirus. It’s in my own safe files,too.I have no ideea what to do. Comodo keeps telling me that it’s a safe application, but i found avira in the events section where it stoped every attempt to open it. Can anyone help me?