No applications running after installing

Hi, I’m new here and I have a problem with CIS…
I installed it, and when I reboot my pc, I can’t open any application… I rebooted it and then the applications were working, everything were loaded perfectly and I could run any app.

But after a new reboot, I had the same problem, I can’t open any application (Word, Excel, WMP, msn…) I only can open windows explorer windows, I rebooted the pc several times without success this time, so I had to unninstall CIS to run my apps.

Does anyone know how to fix that problem?

I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium 64bits

Thank you very much.

I have the same problems with CIS running on Vista 64-bit Ultimate Service pack 2. After Rebboting hes only booting CIS and no other programs. I can also not start any programs. Before Service Pack 2 CIS was running fine. Can it be CIS is not supprting Service pack 2 on Vista 64 bit?

okay try the newest version. i installed and everything works fine with it

At pab1986. You probably made explorer.exe an isolated or limited application and did not tell to remember the answer.

What configuration are you using?