No apparent settings for archives in 'Real Time Scanning'

How do I set the real-time scanner to check inside compressed/packaged files?

You cant…
Because those files would be scanned when extracted anyway and realtime scanning of archives could slow down pc a bit. So no sense in having that option…
You could right click scan an archive you suspect has something inside… :-TU

Since version 5 has came out, compressed files are autmoatically scanned on access in realtime. You can see it if you try to download eicar zip file.

That is correct, my mistake!!!
Tried that with eicar, got detection on realtime.
Sorry for disinformation and thanks!!! :-TU

Thanks for your replies. Now it gets more interesting.

As suggested I just tried downloading the files ‘’ and the double-packed ‘’ and yes, both were detected by CIS as I clicked the links on the webpage. Having ignored the warnings and saved both, they continue to be detected when I click them.

But, and this is what prompted my question, packed test files I have created myself are not detected. I can move them around with impunity. Only the packed files from the eicar site are flagged.

How come?

That’s really strange. Maybe someone of the developers can explain it? ???

my system intel based motherboard and intel core 2 duo 2gh x86 and ddr 3 ram and OS is windows vista ultimate x32.

my question is when i try to download any virus in exe format comodo av finds and automatically quarantine it but when i download same virus in zip file format iit is not detecting what inside it, i ahve to scan it manually by right click and scan for virus then it detect it. for eg: when i download archive file extension in rar or 7zip format. it is not detecting literally how can i set the av pert of my CIS to scan the archive files after i downloaded. any help appreciated. thanks for you help in advance.