No Alerts Until CPF Opened Manually

I have been using Comodo’s Personal Firewall for a little time now and I find it hard to figure out. For instance, it does not seem to work properly after startup. While the Launch Pad loads into the System Tray, and CPF appears active, it does not give me popup alerts. Instead, when I open a new piece of software – today, for instance, SpywareBlaster – I get a message from the software that it cannot connect to the internet. That will continue until I physically open CPF. Once I do that, CPF then gives me a pop-up dialog asking whether to allow the software to connect. That tells me that CPF is blocking the connection but not operating fully unless I first open it manually. This has happened repeatedly and is a real pain. CPF should give me the option of configuring access as soon as a new software opens. I should not have to open CPF manually. Or am I missing something?

Is there any way to avoid this problem and configure the software to operate automatically?

It seems CPF does not start during the startup. make sure you have CPF.exe in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run key.

if CPF starts correctly, you must not face such an issue.

Thanks for your reply. My first thought, like yours, was that CPF was not loading correctly. But that is not the case. The correct processes are running in task manager. I checked the registry key you identified and it is present too. The only difference is that the key value looks like this: C:\Program Files\Comodo Personal Firewall\CPF.exe sysrestart. Could the “sysrestart” addition be causing my problem? I imagine not, but am unable to find a cause. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.


I have continued to dog this problem without success. Today I did what I probably should have done long ago: I uninstalled CPF, deleted all remaining directories and then reinstalled the app. The reinstall appears to have cured all the problems.

In case anyone else suffers a similar problem, I wanted to post this solution.


When you get this, as did my son, it was because he didn’t do a restart immediately after installing it and instead made changes, etc…and then days later when doing a restart he had the same problem. Can’t say for sure but may have been the cause here.