No alerts from comodo when i update A-squared Anti malware

I am using comodo on xp home, my firewall security level is set to " custom policy mode “.
When i update asquared antimalware i get no alerts from comodo about outgoing connections made by asquared,
under " view active connections” i can see a2service.exe making outgoing connections but i dont get any alerts,
I have made no application or global rules to allow or deny internet access to a2service.exe , why am i not getting any alerts from comodo?

Probably cause A-Squared is whitelisted.

how can i check if asquared is whitelisted or not ?

asquared isnt even listed under " Network security policy ", how can it be whitelisted?

Look under D+ settings. The white list isnt something you can see. Its Comodo’s own list of trusted programs built in. ZA does the samething.

Are you talking about " My Trusted Software Vendors " ? it isnt listed under my trusted software venders or under " My own safe files".
Even if it is trusted by defense+ the firewall should still alert me when it connects to the internet.

A whitelist is built into the coding of any firewall so that users dont get bombed with alerts from known trusted programs. If you want to get alerts then you change move the sliders of D+ and firewall to parinoid. Comodo,Online Armor and ZA all have very big white lists built into the coding of there firewalls.

You installed Comodo with Comodo having that knowledge that your pc is clean. The default settings for the firewall are “train with safe mode” and D+ is “clean pc mode”. You can edit each rule for each progrram to “ask”. People complained about getting to many alerts so they increased the white list and now people complain about no alerts. Install something unknown. Download a leak tester from GRC and you will see the alerts you want.

Hi x111,are you sure you are in “Custom Policy Mode” and have no referance to asquared in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Application Rules.
If the answer is yes(custom) and no (rules) then i think you have a problem.

I`m sorry but i have to disagree with you Vettertech concerning the whitelist as in “Custom Policy Mode”
From Comodo GUI concerning “Custom Policy”

-Only traffic that adheres to your Network Security Policy is allowed

-Firewall will not learn connection behaviour of ANY applications

-You will get alerted everytime there is a connection attempt by an application unless your policy contains rules to trust the application

So unless i`m reading this wrong you should get an alert for any application(whitelisted or not) which tries to make a connection without there being a rule for it.
Also if this has changed could we have confirmation of it.

Regards Matty

I guess riggers. I could be wrong.

Yes, this is what i was trying to say, the firewall is in “Custom Policy Mode” and a-squared is not listed under Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Application Rules but i dont get any alerts when i update a-squared.

This happens only with a-squared, i always get an alert when i update avira or when any other application connects to the internet.

I have Avira Premium and I don’t get any alerts cause its trusted in my firewall and D+ settings. I have Avira set to update every 2 hours by itself and Comodo never gives me an alert. I just updated Spybot and it gave me an alert when I first installed Comodo but doesn’t now. If you look in your pending files folder you will see what programs just updated. I have over 250 programs on my pc and Comodo has learned them all so now whenever a program updates I dont alerts cause I already told Comodo to trust that program and the updater.

You dont get any alerts when you update avira because your firewall is configured differently, my firewall is configured to alert whenever any application connects to the internet, i manually update avira.

I guess I don’t understand your point. You would rather be bothered by a firewall then let it sit in the back round and do its job. Thats your choice but I would rather a firewall be quiet until it needs to be loud and alerting.

I have only been using comodo for about a week now, I dont want comodo to automatically create rules for every application, thats why i have configured it to alert, so i can manually make rule for every application.

It dosnt do it for every software. It does it for the known SAFE software. For any unknowns it will alert you. The white list is made of firefox, internet explorer, opera, spyware doctor, a squared… ect all known SAFE programs.

I tired telling him that. LOL.

Sorry to still disagree with you guys but try it out yourself to test it.
While in “Custom Policy Mode” remove any rules you have for Avira or Internet Explorer/Opera.
When you open them you get a pop up,asking for permission.
It should only automatically create rules in “Train with Safe Mode”
One thing,does asquared use internet explorer for updates(like CFP) and you allready have a rule for that?

Not trying to be an antaganist

Regards Matty

ps any admin or mods have a thought on this.

My experience is that Custom Policy Mode causes alerts for programs trying to connect to the internet, whilst Train with Safe Mode (default) does not. And I honestly don’t like that this is the default setting, I do want to answer alerts.