No Alerts for Firewall activities.


I’m using CIS. I receive no alerts whatsoever for programs to allow or block communications.
I understand that many rules are predefined for common and well known applications, that’s why when I try some rather unknown software, like ResophNotes, I would expect the firewall to alert me whether I want to allow this application to access the internet or not.

I’m using CIS version 5.12.252301.2551
Default configuration (Internet Security)
The Firewall is set to “Safe Mode”

I have tried many different configurations with no luck.
I also noticed that “View Active Connections” doesn’t show anything and “View Firewall Events” doesn’t log anything as well.

Please advise, I would not like to stop using this product.

Thank you.

Disable “reduce alerts”. This is enabled in default installation.
Erase “All programs -allow outgoing” rules which might exist for ease of use (depending on the setting).
Set especially the firewall part on custom mode.
Use proactive security mode.

For usual rules, its enough to work with kinds of outgoing only.

Then you have the full controll. And its not much work to do one time.

Thank you so much for the response.

But I found the issue, it was a registry tweak that was applied before CIS installation:

; Disable Program Compatibility Assistant
; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The weird thing is that this tweak has been applied for ages on my PC with no illl reactions, so I assume something must have changed with CIS itself on the newer versions that was conflicting with that registry key. I just took it out of the equation and now the firewall is working properly again.

Thank you again.