No alerts about portscan - why?

I’m using the latest, up to date version of CIS on a win7.
All network interfaces are configured as Public, firewall in Safe mode. (As far as I know, all other firewall settings are the default)
When I run a portscan with nmap against my notebook, I see all ports are filtered (it is correct), but there are no alerts in the CIS Firewall log. Why?
Is it a normal behavior?

Yes this is normal behavior and if you take a look at your global rules, the block rule does not have logging enabled. If you want to log blocked incoming connection requests, edit the block rule and check ‘Log as firewall event if this rule is fired’.

Thank you!

It is weird… Last week I’ve reinstalled my windows with CIS firewall. Today accidentally tried to connect to this machine’s ssh port (I’m not running ssh server on the windows) and I’ve got an entry in CIS Firewall log about the blocked attempt. (and many more other, because using a minidlna server on my lan)
I use Comodo Firewall with default settings, as far as I know. (the only possible change is Set alert frequency in Firewall settings… I don’t remember if the default value of it is “very high”)