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This is an odd one

I don’t know if the problem lies with windows or COMODO
and I have npot tried a restart yet!

The network connection icoin on my Taskbar (Vista Home premium SP2)
shows a red mark which normally indicates no network connection therefore no internet.

However, I can browes the web email works (AVG Mail scanner reporting as normal) and Updsates can be downloaded.
Windows network diagnostic says there are no problems.

I noticed that nothing was happening with the COMODO shield icon, opened COMODO and it says that everything is normal, but there are NO open connetions.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Update: after a restart (of Windows) everything was back to normal.
But this begs a question, It seems that Windows get into a mode where it is connected to the Internet, but doesn’t know it, And so COMODO doesn’t know it.
So The user (if they don’t notice the odd icons) is unprotected!!