No active connections reported when there shud be many [RESOLVED]

Hi all i have been having this problem on many occasions now…

The comodo firewall doesn’t seem to know whether an application has active connections or not…

Check out this link

Even though µTorrent has 5-6 active connections the firewall points to no connections and there isn’t any tray icon animation of any data transfer… I have even disabled defense+ completely (yes i don’t need it) still defense+ alerts pop up from time to time. Also there are files waiting for my review…?? Thinkin of goin back to sygate…

Anybody have any ideas??

I am using xp sp2 with all latest updates (except sp3) and latest version of comodo. Even the previous versions i have used had this problem. :cry:

Read this.,1759,2236657,00.asp

And what was that for?? (:AGY)

Comodo is probably the best free firewall out there with D+ active thats my point. You were asking how reliable it is.

So you just did not pay any heed to what problem i was pointing out with the best free firewall??

yoooohooooo… anybody thereeeee??? :THNK

If you experience the same, recurring problem with all versions of CFP, you are probably better off reverting back to Sygate.

I simply don’t have an answer as to what is causing the symptoms on your PC. I’m a former Sygate user, and it is a fairly decent firewall.

Have you tried running the stealth port wizard?

Actually i’ve run it… chosen the option to notify of incoming connections…
And when i uninstalled comodo and installed sygate, it wud just quit with a caused an error and needs to close error as soon as i wud switch on my comp… at other times the whole windows restarted as soon as i enabled my LAN with sygate installed! none of this ever happened before… so i just reinstalled comodo… till now its working fine… lets see… (:SAD)

Select the option to “block all incoming connections” under the steakth port wizard. First delete all your global settings. Thats what I did.

I just went thru the help files of comodo… must say that defense+ is really something!! but i just can’t seem to get used to the constant popups… ‘internet explorer wants to do this it wants to do that…’ i really want to use it but just can’t stand it…
even it wud ask me over and over again everytime µTorrent created a file after finishing downloading… that was the reason i had to disable it completely…

Tell me how have u configured ur def+??

It should only ask you once. Thats all it ever asked me. Do you have remember checked off? The firewall should be in train with safe mode and D+ in clean PC mode. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Comodo several times on both my laptop and desktop with no problems. D+ shouldnt ask you about IE cause its whitelisted. I got an alert for FF about my flashgot and click “trusted/remember”. No more alerts. Any program I get asked once unless you chage it or update it.

i am going to enable d+ again… see how it works… will post back. thanx… i really wanna use it…

hey i like it now… though have kept it in training mode to prevent it buggin me… but will soon just change it to train with safe… it has learnt a LOT of things as i switched on my comp after restarting… thats what the problem was… previously it just flooded me with all those things that it has learnt this time! the connections are also showing like they should… hopefully there’ll be no more issues…

(V) :■■■■

You can shut off the balloon tips in the miscellaneous tab.

The problem is creeping up again… this time the no. of active connections is decreasing than the ones showed in µTorrent… the nos. keep on decreasing till it reaches zero like in the screenshot.

hi again… i did some research into the problem… and it turns out its not comodo’s problem but the LAN… it gets disconnected for like a second sometimes and so comodo shows no connections … and it just take time to get updated with the restarting of connections.

Thanks all

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