No activation code is being sent to me

I have submitted my name and email three times now, but I never receive any activation code.

Is the firewall not free anymore, or what gives??

I have been waiting for about 24 hours now.

Hi, Is your spam filter stopping Comodo mail from sending you the registration code?




There is no Junk/Spam folder in the mail system, which I am using, so I wont be able to check whether it has been filtered. There are no means as to prevent it from being filtered either.

Why would your domain be considered a junk sender? That’s odd…


Please submit a ticket at:

The support team can then assist you in getting one of the activation code emails through to you.

Please make sure you enter the email address you used and an order number if available.


I have sent a ticket to support, and they have sent the activation code again.

However, I do not have access to any junk or spam folder, as there is no such folder in my email system. All junk or spam disappears and cannot be recovered.

Can’t you just send me a code manually, so that I can read it?

Hey fwuser,

Check your personal messages, I sent you an activation code. A friend of mine was having this problem and I told him to get a Yahoo/g-mail account to get around the spam blocker.

BTW, welcome to the forums.

It depends on the e-mail client you use. All my e-mails are considered “junk” unless I specify otherwise.


I was having the same problem, where I would register, but wasn’t getting any email with an activation code (though I was getting the “order” confirmation email). After reading through several threads on this forum and seeing talks of spam filters and such, I remembered that there is a server level spam filter on my email account. I went and checked, and sure enough that filter had moved the emails with activation codes into a separate folder that I’ve only looked at probably 3 times in the last four years. I hadn’t ever run into a problem with that spam filter actually being effective and filtering anything (especially anything that wasn’t spam), so it was out of sight, out of mind. Needless to say, I have completely turned that filter off now.

Moral of the story…Spam filters don’t seem to like the comodo activation/licensing emails, so check spam folders or try turning filters off prior to registering.

How can i get an activation code?

Go to the following page and fill out the form, check your e-mail. (Make sure to check your spam/bulk/junk folder as well.)

Hi, Ive been trying to get this activation code for over a week but no joy. It does not show up in my spam folder or normal folder.

My addres is


I have sent you one. BTW, your hotmail account will not put your order number e-mail in the junk folder but the second e-mail you recieve is the activation key and this e-mail will get sent to junk folder, so please look in there and allow it as safe. :slight_smile:


For whatever it’s worth… it was on my third try that the activation code was sent to me. I know the email address was okay 'cause I got the “thanks for downloading” or whatever it was immediately. My advice, keep trying.