No Activation Code Entry Box

Downloaded the Free Comodo i-Vault. the other day and installed same and I cannot find/locate the access to enter in the activation code. When I click on ‘Help/About/license status’ all I have is “Your licence will expire 10th August 2006 with 367 days left to use the program” ???
To day I re downloaded the program without using the download manager and re tried the installation again and again have received the same problem again???
Thanks for the reply Re Comodo Firewall “Uninstall” will wait for the next release which I understand will have a Comodo Uninstaller!

you don’t need to worry about activation as it seems you already have license that is valid for an year. After license is expired you you will be prompted to activate it using activation code.
We are in the process of releasing an i-Vault version that will not require reactivation and once activated, will be valid for lifetime.