No access to Hotmail and Netfirms

Hello, I just installed the firewall and now I can’t access my Hotmail account or my business account at Netfirmsdotcom. I’m wondering if it’s related. Yahoo mail and messenger works fine though.
MSN Messenger also works fine.
After typing in my email address and password for my netfirms account, the page just says “you have to be logged on to have access to this page”
For Hotmail, I type in username and password and the page keeps trying to gain access but then gets thrown back to the time when I clicked the login button. It keeps going back and forth (I can hear the click sound) about ten times then just stops on a blank screen.

Any ideas??

Hi cnicoll, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The fact you are connecting to Hotmail and your company, suggests the firewall is noy blocking your requests. To me it sounds more like a cookie issue. Have you checked your browser settings?

Toggie is definitely correct. I have that issue as well (on Opera, if that makes any difference) and it’s a cookie issue. All I do then is refresh the page and it magically works.