No acces to Internet through Opera

I’m using CF for two days.A little slowing internet conection at the beggining,but now seems to be oka.
Today I blocked an prog who want to conect through Opera to internet.The result-no conection when using Opera![IE works].
What shall I do for correcting this?[newbie question!]

Hi. Try exiting Opera and restart it. If it still fails, you may have to remove an Application Rule for Opera if one was created when you blocked that program. If still fails, sometimes you have to restart CFP or the computer.

I restart Opera-no result!
Where have I to check [to find] the rule that was created?
By the other hand it looks strange to find that blocking one prog blocks the entire browser!!!

Go to the Application Monitor. If you see a rule that blocks Opera, delete that rule.

There’s a good reason behind it: for security purposes. It’s especially more useful against malware trying to leak out. Yes, it confused many including me at first. Someone more technical can explain this better. Rule of thumb: if you recognize the application as a trusted/known one, it’s safe to allow. There should also be a Remember option on the pop-up so that you won’t see next time.

There is no rule in Aplication Monitor.All progs included there are allowed.

Have you tried restarting the firewall?

Anyway thanks!I can’t understand why now is oka!5 minute before nothing was going with Opera!
Maybe there was something not related to CF.
Keep in touch!CF looks promising to me.

It could be that the website(s) you visited was temporarily down ???. Well, at least it’s ok now.