NIS 2012 Info Needed

I tested Norton Internet Security 2012. I tested 2 ways i.e already downloaded malware in a folder & downloading malware through web using internet explorer.

When I download & run or save malware through Internet Explorer, NIS analyzes the files & gives verdict i.e the small analyzing window in the right hand corner.

But when I run the already locally saved malware in a folder, NIS doesn’t analyzes them, this is by design or some prob here?

I thought download protection sonar was for web & file insight was for both web & local files but it doesn’t seems so.

That means sonar & file insight are for web only & not local files i.e file insight too is for web only, right?

If I recall correctly, Norton has decided that the most important infection vector are online threats, so that is where they are focusing their efforts.

I think it would be good if the auto analysis is also locally.