Nirsofts WUL

could someone check this file as I dont beleive it is a trojan but BOC flags it as a trojan, this is the link to the page you can download it from, both the zip and theexe are considered malware by boc

WinUpdatesList - View Windows Updates (Service Packs and Hotfixes),

(This is all from memory.)

Apparently at some point in the past, there was some concern by Kevin and Nancy about some of the NirSoft apps, especially NirCmd (which can be quite powerful (and invisible) in the wrong hands.) Add to that, at some point in the distant past, the head honcho from NirSoft was not considered to be a white hat. So, because of the history, some Nirsoft programs were black listed and included in BOClean’s database.

FWIW, I use WUL and I have placed it in the BOClean Program Excluder. I do not consider it to be a risk.