Nintendo Wifi Connection Tutorial (Wii & DS)


This is a tutorial on how to configure Comodo Firewall so it will allow you to connect to Nintendo Wifi.

Please follow the below steps, if you are confused or something is not accurate please feel free to PM me.

  1. Go to Network Monitor and create a new rule.
  2. Make the Protocol TCP and the Direction In
    2a. Go to Destination Port and add the following ports 80,443,28910, 29900, 29901, 29920
  3. Click Ok
  4. Move that rule all the way to the top (ID 0)
  5. Click Add to create a new rule.
    5a. Make the Protocol UPD and the Direction In
  6. Click Ok and move this rule to the top (ID 0)
    6b. NOTE: This will force the TCP In Rule to go to ID 1
  7. Then move the rule TCP/UPD Out to ID 2 (if you do not have that rule then continue to step 8-9)
    7a. You now have Nintendo Wifi capability but to be secure whenever you are not using Nintendo Wifi I recommend that you edit the UPD In Rule’s direction to Block, and when you are playing on Wifi to edit the UPD In Rule’s Direction to Allow. Your all set, go have fun!

8. Create a TCP/UPD Out Rule
9. Set it to ID 2

Many users have reported this method as working, if for some reason you are having issues, please feel free to PM myself or one of the other moderators or admins.