Nintendo Wi-fi USB Connector

I got this neat little gadget the other day, as I want to play some of my Nintendo DS games online, and I don’t have a wireless router. The thing works perfectly, yes – when Comodo is off. Otherwise, it won’t let me connect.

Now, here’s the confusing part…Comodo SAYS it’s allowing it. But, low and behold, every time I try to connect when the firewall is on, my DS gives me an error message. Turn it off, try to reconnect, and not even thirty seconds later, it works.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Looking in the Application Monitor, “allow” is checked next to it. To be more thorough, I double-clicked the application and checked “allow all activities for this application” and it still doesn’t work.

Quoting the page I linked, “Also the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB does not work if certain anti-spyware software is installed on the computer,” I can tell this thing is a little trouble-maker, and I assume Comodo just happens to be one of those “certain” programs. Nonetheless, it’s worth asking. Anyone else have experience with this? Anyone know/think of a way to help with this?

i had a problem connecting and got directed here,4429.0.html

maybe this will help you