Nintendo usb wi fi connector

hi, im trying to get the Nintendo usb wi fo connector to run through Comodo firewall.
it connects but then the firewall does not allow it some how?

below i will paste in more helpful information, please post any help much appreciated, thanks.

Whether you’re using the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, the Wii LAN Adapter, or a wireless router, firewalls and other computer security programs can be very tricky to get working when attempting to do online gaming.

Anti-virus, anti-spyware, software firewalls, and firewall-enabled routers can affect communications within your network. You may want to consider temporarily disabling, or removing, these products installed on home networks to enable game play. If this is not the approach you wish to take, below are some guidelines for how your firewall or security program needs to be adjusted. As each manufacturer is different, if you need help making these adjustment, please contact your firewall or security program manufacturer.

The following detailed information regarding required protocols, ports and communication requirements needed by the Wii console, games, and the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector (if used) may be helpful. Please consult your firewall’s instruction manual or manufacturer for specific assistance on working with the firewall.

While Nintendo makes a concerted effort to test and document known incompatibilities with software and hardware, it is impossible for us to test and document them all. Detailed information regarding the necessary ports and sites has been included below for those customers who want to use and configure their own firewall or computer security application.

Allowing TCP and UDP Traffic:
The Wii console may require unrestricted access to several sites across various ports and protocols to function correctly. These addresses and ports vary, and may change in the future without notice. Many software firewalls restrict outbound access. Only if your firewall blocks outbound traffic do you need to enable this traffic:

TCP: Allow traffic to all destinations on ports: 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443
UDP: Allow all traffic to all destinations. (Necessary for peer-to-peer connections and game play).

Please note that by allowing the traffic to the destinations listed above, you are essentially removing a significant amount of firewall protection for your network. While Nintendo provides this information for our consumers’ use, it is up to each consumer to determine what security needs they have for their own networks, and to decide how best to configure their network settings to meet those needs.

Additional Information for the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector Users
If you are using the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, and have a software firewall or other computer security program installed on your computer, there may be additional steps you must complete to allow a successful connection.

“Trusted” Applications:
If your firewall or PC security program keeps a list of trusted applications (also known as a “trusted zone”), the following programs are installed with the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, and require internet communications. If prompted by your firewall or PC security program, add these to the list of trusted applications. This information may also apply to certain computer security applications, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc.:
• Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector USB (NintendoWFCReg.exe )
• Setup.exe (when installing the USB Connector)
• SoftAPInstDrv.bin
• mdriver.exe
“Trusted” IP Ranges:
There are also potential ranges of IP addresses that may need to be added to the “trusted zone” for your software firewall or PC security program for Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector users. Each of these would need to be opened up for TCP and UDP traffic, or for some firewalls or security programs, added as a “trusted zone.” Please consult the manual for your firewall or security program for more specific information.
• subnet mask
• subnet mask
• subnet mask
Software Firewalls Identified as Being “Incompatible” with the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector
We have identified the following software firewall(s) as being incompatible with the use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. We suggest using another firewall product, if possible

I also have the same problem,any help would be appreciated. comodo is blocking it somewhere

So, is there a solution?