Nice easy way to backup Comodo Dragon and restore it later!

I have to recommend this awesome free program. Its very good, maybe im late with this program, but i really like it.

This program will backup Comodo Dragon (and other browsers) - It will backup and restore Bookmarks - Settings - Extensions and so on. You can also use it to migrate between browsers (as long as they have the same engine) For example migrate between Chrome and Dragon with a simple click, you get the point.

You can make a backup of Comodo Dragon and then restore it later with a simple click.

I formatted my computer and made a clean win 8.1 install and did a backup of Comodo Dragon before i started. I made a restore when everything was finished, and everything is back to normal, all my extensions, settings, bookmarks and so on.

Must have program!

Hi fungus303,
It is never to late for a good idea. :-TU


This’d be a nice alternative if we don’t wanna sign in to Google. I’ll try that program.
I usually just sync some of important stuff like bookmark, extension, setting to Google, using my “Google browser account” (not main account).

Or, regularly backup c:\Users\your_name\AppData\Local\Comodo. That’s where it all is…