Nice article about Verification Engine appeared in Washington post

A nice article about Verification Engine


That’s a very positive article. Good. :-TU

“When you visit a spoofed site (a site that looks like the real thing, but isn’t), the border around your browser glows red.”

Is that right? I had no idea.

Good article. Most everything was accurate. I have never had to click on the Padlock to make it minimize. I have never had to right click to make the green border go away–just moving the mouse seems to do the trick. Nevertheless, good press.

I have not seen that in the online help files (red boarder)

Greetings all.

Thanks, Melih.

Actually it would be nice to see more “green-bordered” sites including known security sites.

Hi grayhair,
+1 True, just moving mouse in both cases needed.

Interesting when you check this secure one - with padlock
and then click the link inside the padlock, you’ll get http
Just curious, why that’s done like that.