Nic driver missing

I was running a version of firewall/defense + from last yr. I happen to look at my nic bindings and noticed the comodo driver was missing. I tried re-installing the same version over the top but that didn’t solve the problem. I uninstalled the loaded version, did a new install of the most recent firewall/defense+ but I’m still encountering the same problem, no nic driver bound or visible. Any suggestions? ty

What chipset is used in your NIC?

Original CFW installed - 5.9.23255.2196
As mentioned, the nic driver was present (winXP) just a few day b4 i noticed it missing.

Chipset - Realtek RTL8168D(P).

I also installed the current firewall on a different pc and the nic driver is present (win7), but isn’t present under xp.

Please try running Diagnostics and see what it reports and if it can fix it or not.