Nginx modsecurity + download rule sets without admin console ?

Was browsing WHT forums and read about your CWAF and was interested to know if

  1. it works with Nginx + modsecurity ?
  2. is it possible to download rule sets without using admin console/sign up for CWAF ?
  3. any issues with compatibility with CSF firewall ?

I ask, I as I have a Nginx shell based menu auto installer project - Centmin Mod which auto installs CSF firewall and which is currently lacking a WAF and am thinking of adding modsecurity to the project and wondering how easy it would be to bundle and include the CWAF rule sets on the fly / updates ?



Current rules version was not tested with Nginx.

No, but it’s very easy and free, no card required.

Just post the form here: COMODO Account Management

We don’t have any information about such issues.

If I am not wrong CSF firewall work on IP level and based on iptables. Web Application Firewall works on the higher level, on HTTP-protocol level.