next version

Anybody have an thoughts as to when the next version will be available.
I am only asking because the last three versions were problems for me

Let’s Wait Like Other’s Do, Since Melih Has Mentioned That CIS V4 Will Be Ready By This Year End On The Topic

I wasn’t talking about v.4
I would just like a version (3.9) that works for me.

Hi Rambo. Is your particular problem fixed now?. If its not, Sometimes the more we all shout the better the Devs will listen!.

As far as another version is concerned, there are 2 planned improvements due in the next week or 2. Both Umesh and Melih indicated in the last day or so that family signatures and multiple updates per day will come in helping with protection and detection rates.The family signatures will reduce i think, the number of signatures via the fact that 1 signature will be able to detect 23,000 malware, and the multiple updates which usually have Fp fixes and more, within them will increase general protection and usability.

Also. usually when these changes ocurr to a version the other bugs ect that have been identified will be fixed at the same time. I too have had problems such as scan freezing, and each time we report these, the devs seem to eventually identify the problem and some do take more than others, depending on your set up and what other apps you may be using which in certain combos may produce a bug unique to an individual which will take time to find out what the culprit may be.


Thanks for your interest.
The problem remains.
hopefully the next version should fix it.
I have posted many times on the bug report so eventually it will get fixed.I hope.

Melih said that the family signatures may be introduced as early as June. Who knows…

Please could you explain “family signatures”.

1 signature can remove lots of malware. Melih said 1 signature removes 23,000 malware.

I understand that but how does it resolve my problem?

I don’t know you just asked what family signatures are and I told you. ;D

I asked because the subject was raised in connection with a problem that i have.
Please see insert

What is the problem you have submitted?

I think the topic somewhat side tracked on the introduction of family signatures. That being said the next release in the 3.9 branch, with the family signatures, may be as early as June according to Melih. Unless they decide to throw in another build to iron out actual problems.

My problem is that i have an important program(Intel Desktop Utilities) that monitors temperature,fan speeds,voltages,etc with v,507,508 and 509 installed this program would not open but it worked perfectly with RC1 and 2.
Even if i removed Comodo, IDU would not open so to get it to work again i had to reinstall.
You can imagine my disappointment after RC1 and 2 worked so well.
I have tried everything i can think of to get it to work correctly but no joy.
If you have any suggestions they would be gratefully received.
My operating system is XP Home SP3.
I also have Windows 7 on another computer but that is only for playing around with.
Thanks for your interest

hey rambo

Try adding intel to trusted venders list and do a restart since there maybe something that needs to start up with windows.

Hope this helps. ;D

You could try Motherboard Monitor (MBM) instead of your Intel software.

I have a feeling that i have already tried your suggestion without success but everything is worth trying.
I will give it another go maybe i didn’t do it right.
Talk me through it,if you would be so kind.

I have already tried but it missed out voltages and fan speeds
I would like to keep the software that goes with the motherboard.
Thanks for your suggestion.

Since you asked so kindly i will.

Open CIS > click on “Defence+” > click on “My Trusted Software Venders” > click on “Add” > select “read from a signed executable” > go to where the program is installed and select a EXE.

Also try Clean PC mode and do a restart it will learn every thing on your PC including intel.

Everything is worth a try.
Thank for you guidance
That’s how you learn.
It’s getting a bit late here so that is tomorrows exercise.

I have now given my problem a considerable amount of thought.
I am of the opinion that Comodo kills the program(IDU).If it didn’t removing Comodo would simply enable IDU to open again which it dosn’t.
So i think no matter how many settings are changed IDU would not be permitted to open as long as Comodo is installed
If anybody has any different views i would very much like to hear them
Thanks and Regards