Next version of COMODO IS Features...

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there are many of these that are already in cis

CPU Load Management

Modern GUI
this can be interpreted in many ways
so what do u mean by modern?
v5 got a huge GUI overhaul and i personally think its modern

Cloud-Based Detection
already in cis. its in defense + “automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud”

Firewall Real-Time Connections view
already in cis
firewall–>view active connections

Decrease the Update File Size
i think they are always working on this by using generic signatures

No False Positives
this will never be achieved by anyone. there will always be FPs

CPU Load management - Needed for sandboxed files that are trying to take over the CPU, at least a pop up to alert users to take action.

GUI - pretty modern in my opinion compared to the old one, no change needed.

USB - go into more detail what you want, right now anything that comes in from a usb that is unknown will be sandboxed.

sandbox - I would like to see more effort put into the manual sandbox, so that it can easily run a browser inside of it, like Avast has.

Signature file - always working on it with, Daisy and soon with Valkyrie.

FP - will be much improved with Valkyrie and with some other technologies.

IP protection - just use the DNS servers, that is just about as good and there is no need to run something extra on your machine.

I would like CIS having nicer GUI. Like Panda Cloud AV or Immunet. Current GUI is too aged, primitive. Such an advanced product has such a primitive GUI. :-[

GUI is more personal taste, everyones taste is different. I think CIS is as good as any in my opinion, and it does have alternative themes built in.

Definitely. Avast and kaspersky have both an automatic sandbox and a manual sandbox. A complete package.


It is the best good looking out there 8).

USB - There should be an option for the Manual sandbox.

Not everyone loves antique GUI - it says as if the prorgam is aged.

what makes it ‘antique’?

CIS has both an automatic and manual sandbox…

HI, why i choose COMODO need USB Port Protection / control, are you seen K7 Computing? It have USB Port and other external Devices control by protecting by Password. I want to Make COMODO As the KING OF ALL INTERNET SECURITY PRODUCTS. Thank You… :wink:

Options to Disable/Enable All External Ports, like USB and CD/DVD. (If I do not want any body to inject anything in to my computer)
Options to Write Protect All External Ports, like USB and CD/DVD, Firewire. (If I want to protect my data from being stolen)

Some/All of it is already well implemented in security products like escan ,ESET and Kaspersky.

!ot! Maybe I am a little antique myself, but they do say perfection comes with age. :slight_smile:

I know i just think the MS needs a lot of improvements, specially in terms of usability. I use it my self, but many times i just think of going back to sandboxie. For example Kaspersky has an option to retrieve files from the sandbox in the V. 2010 if i am not mistaken (I have never used the 2011 because i starting using CIS5).

I would really like to see following improvements made in 1 or 2 upcoming versions of CIS :slight_smile:
Automatic Sandbox -

  1. Control usage of cpu by sandboxed process
  2. Do not grant full screen access

Active View Connections Window

  1. option to show website names instead of IP address

Active Process/Sandboxed Process Window

  1. Make it one window to show both the processes and add option to hide sandboxed/non-sandboxed processes.

Trusted File Window

  1. I would like to see an option to sort by Date. It would be really easy to identify if what added in today/last week or so on… (currently OA has this)

Yes, it could definitely use more functionality.

I think the advanced functionality must be accompanied by the advanced appearance. Why some other AV products look so nice - immunet for instance. And Comodo having much better functuanality has a bit too simpler appearence. I think CIS must be the best in GUI too.

Only one thing is bothering me is that the update size… Comodo av updates at about 150 mbs…

It takes almost an hour!..

It is compressed so it not 150 MN anymore when downloading it. It is almost 90 MB these days.

It is a lot of data but a similar thing happens when using Emsisof Antimalware which also has a big initial download.

Blocking autorun.inf in the usb driver.

Avira deals with much smaller initial update. Avira’s offline complete updates are about 40 MB.
That’s why slow internet users can’t enjoy CIS. :cry: