Next Version ETA?

Is there any way we could get an estimated time of arrival on the next version of Dragon? I currently use and have heard about the recent Chrome “critical” updates and am curious on this matter. If Chromium and Google can upgrade quickly, surely a company like Comodo can. I have already read some reviews stating the same thing. Is “memory corruption” a problem in Dragon to begin with? Does it need these updates from Chromium 4 to the current Chrome(ium) 5.0.375.125 to correct these problems? I still would use Dragon over Chrome due to privacy concerns. In Chrome, I found the rlz.dll that enables RLZ-tracking and deleted that and then left all options in “under the hood” blank and that takes care of a lot, if not all, of Chrome’s privacy violations. However, the extensions page still transmits to Google, even in Dragon. To sum it up, Dragon needs to upgrade more quickly despite “nightly builds” changing the rules daily. Other companies do it.

It would be nice to update everytime they do? But everytime also might mean also any newly created bugs and then waiting for their fixes. And how many would complain about these new bugs even though they were not initiated by Comodo.

The Comodo Team has a plan and want to provide improvements to stable releases, and the last stable Chromium release was a few versions back.

I know at least 2 or 3 Comodo products have projected releases or updates the middle or end of this week.l Don’t remember if Dragon was mentioned?


And how many would complain about these new bugs even though they were not initiated by Comodo

good question: Chrome versions on stable channel have been tested during months before being labeled “stable”. Chromium >>> Canary >>> Dev channel >>> Beta Channel >>> stable channel.

So being stuck on version 4 is unacceptable, when v5 stable has been out for a while now. On a side note, I’ve been running and am still running V6 on dev and Canary and there’s not much to complain about either.
I’m not particularly favorable to custom builds of Chrome, and this thread will just strengthen my position. Stick to the original people, that’s your best bet :wink:

ps: not even mentioning security issues you might experience with an unpatched version 88)


Bear in mind that Chromium and Chrome are two different, albeit related, browsers. The former being the upstream or master and the latter being Google’s customised version with those little ‘extras’ we have come to know and dislike.

If you want the most up to date, cutting edge version (with all the new features and bugs) then you should get Chromium from their daily build repository here:

Seeing how it been awhile. It possible that there updating from Chromium 4 engine to the current stable version of Chromium 5 engine is the reason that it’s taking a while.

ps: not even mentioning security issues you might experience with an unpatched version
I don't see a point in taking the time and effort on patching the Chromium version 4 engine when there working on getting to version 5 engine going. Version 5 is more secure and faster then 4 anyways. It's probably not easy to do, other wise it would have been done already
security issues you might experience with an unpatched version
If your running CIS then humans are the weak link in the food chain. >:-D

I would be interested to know what’s going on behind the scenes with CD as it’s been over 2 months since the last release. Any developers able to shares any news, new features, etc?


I would be interested to know what's going on behind the scenes with CD as it's been over 2 months since the last release
me too, even if you can't release anything(I can understand why ;) ), but tell us what's in the works and keep us up-to-date on progress. ANYTHING :)

Why do you need Google Canary?

He isn’t saying he needs it. He is showing the progression from Chromium to Chrome.

Chromium 7 is out now. The Chromium Project is blowing through release numbers so quick it isn’t funny. I think they’re releasing a new MAJOR version every 6 weeks. :-\

But is that the best thing to do that is a short amount of time to work out the kinks.

But is that the best thing to do that is a short amount of time to work out the kinks.
I think it's best to let Chromium work out the kinks.
I think they're releasing a new MAJOR version every 6 weeks.
Now that explains everything,

Thanks :■■■■

It’s impossible to do so in so little time. Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft, Apple, and others DO NOT DO THIS. Google/Chromium Project is creating major versions when there’s no real need to do so. They have their reasoning and I simply do not agree with this practice. I could see every 6 months a new major version number (4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x), but every six weeks? Are you kidding me?

Google/Chromium/WebKit teams make some commits every min.
And they have enough servers to compile and test every build.
So they can do it in a short period of time what others can’t…
Do you still think that the version number is not justified? :wink:
Look here:

2Soothsayer: at that link are “green” and buggy builds.
One of the last tested “green” builds you can get here: (and also last CD/Iron/Chrome).

Call me crazy, but I am just a fan of the Mozilla version model thus far. Firefox is barely at version 4. I think that a nice slow pace with reasonable version numbers is acceptable. Blowing through a major version every six weeks is INSANE! Who throws out a new version of software THAT fast? I don’t know many.

What qualifies as a “major version”? Could it be possible that Google’s progression from 4 to 5 to 6…etc. is not as major a change as Opera or Mozilla’s progression from 4.1 to 4.2…etc? Just wondering. :-\

Does anyone know when the next beta or stable version of CD is going to appear? (been over 3 months now). Will it be based on Chromium 6?


Opera is now with 10.61 after 14 years. Mozilla/FF is close to v4 after 6 years. I think Chrome is the odd one out.

IE9, Firefox 4.0, Chrome 6.0, Opera 10.70 - Browser Race on Steroids

Time for Dragon 6… O0

Don’t rush CD versions through, let Comodo make them as bug free as possible before final release. But lets keep CD forum alive it seems to be gone a bit quiet. The more interest shown towards CD, the more time Comodo may find to work on it.

I agree with not rushing CD. Google Chrome is going way too fast! :o (not very impressed with Google Chrome) Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? (The tortoise won the race) :wink: I’d rather have the developers of a browser take the time to make sure all the bugs, errors, security leaks (if any), skins, themes,extension issues, etc. are ironed out and fixed and are fully stable before the browser is released. I’m sure when the next version of CD is released, it’ll be AWESOME :smiley: