Next CIS Update

Just curious when the next beta or update might happen? any news?

I thought that an update had occured yesterday when an update icon appeared in my tray and i clicked on it. When i clicked on it i was directed to a Comodo page about the existing version?.However i then checked via the gui and it said everything was up to date?.

I have read somewhere this is a small bug. Just my opinion,the next major update barring bug fixes maybe the introduction of Dacs in realtime in Cavs which will take Comodos av to the very top detection wise.However Comodo cleaning essentials will have to be released out of Rc first.


It’s not a bug. You’ll see that icon when the updater is checking for updates…

more specifically, updating the TVL :wink: < don’t mark my words on that, I’m just guessing and I think I’m right though ;D

It also checks for program updates and virus database updates.

When is the Next version of CIS premium coming out. Anyone know?

Already discussed here:

I will lock this topic as there is a longer topic about the same topic.