Next CAVS Version

I know there have been plenty of signature updates recently but I was just wondering what is happening with CAVS now:
Is there going to be a new Beta or some program updates soon that address some of the recently reported bugs?

Also, are some of the BOClean signatures being added to CAVS yet and is the main HIPS database going to be available anytime soon?

Is a future version of CAVS going to be able to scan outlook emails with exchange server?

I am just curious about plans for CAVS for near distant and far distant futures.


CAVS engine is being expanded further… by end of July you will see a very interesting Detection engine :wink:


I’m excited; can’t wait for July to be here.

Thanks COMODO!

Thanks Melih, CAVS is working well at the moment anyway apart from inability to detect the eicar file with on-access. I am looking forward to seeing how CAVS develops in the coming months. By the way my mother in law loves CAVS and has little trouble with it and she is 70 and only started using a pc last year.


thats cool Anderow.
lets see how we can keep improving this :slight_smile:



will the new version in July also be for Vista systems?



we hope so
(but these dates are still premilinary and subject to change)


I promote BOClean and CFP on other forums and I’m often asked when the final release candidate of CAVS will be available, and also will it be able to ‘Quarantine’ and/or ‘Remove’ anything nasty found; and will it have a scanner?

I haven’t used the current version myself as it is in Beta format and my main machine is important to me for business, but can’t wait for the final to be released when I will swap over to it.



we have a brand new engine with better detection. Guys are working on getting the beta version of that. I don’t have a date for it. Once we get that to a beta version, I am hoping we can bring it to a release version pretty quickly. I think by the year end we can have a release version (don’t hold me to this time pls as i am guessing). :slight_smile:


Will program updates still be available for the current version ( untill the new engine is released? Also, will definition updates still be available for CAVS2?


Thanks Melih, we will all look forward to it. (L)


Thanks Melih,

best news I’ve heard so far today…

Looking forward to this Beta!

Harry (:NRD)

I’m really looking forward to this Beta also. (:KWL)

Really, me too :slight_smile:
In half a year maybe, we’ll have two completely outstanding security applications with CAVS 3 (incl. BOClean) and CPF 3 (incl. Memory Guardian’s BO protection).



woooo-oh…does that means we won’t be seeing CASV 2 as a stable release? :THNK


I guess it has been a stable Beta release so far… never really experienced problems with CAVS 2…

But with the move to Vista (as many others I guess…) I’d be pleased with a CAVS 3 beta :slight_smile:

Harry (:NRD)

But at the beginning of 2008 you can forget all paid products.



Hey Melih,

Do you have a new date we should wait for, or are you going to surprise us again like with the firewall earlier release 8).

I don’t yet have a new date I am afraid :frowning:

I will let u know as soon as I have one though.


Hi Melih,

any further advances on the CAVS front?