Newsreaders and download managers?


since there are no pre-defined rule-sets for newsreaders (in my case Forte Agent) and download managers (in my case Free Download Manager) in CFP3, I would like to ask:

Which permissions or pre-defined rule-sets would you assign to a newsreader and a download manager?

Both of these have errors in the current CFP3 defaults. First, Forte Agent.

  1. Go to firewall/common tasks/my port sets and add 119 under email clients
  2. Then under firewall/advanced/Network Security Settings Find Forte Agent and declare it an email client
    Then Free Download Manager
  3. Go to firewall/advanced/predefines firewall policies/ftp client and edit it to add the rule for Passive ftp ahead of the block all rule
  4. Then go to Network Security Settings and declare FDM an ftp client

I had problems with that approach - apparently FDM needs to make some HTTP connections to work. I gave it the Web Browser policy and added the “Allow outgoing FTP requests” rule from the FTP policy. Procedure: click Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy>(Locate and select the entry for FDM)>Edit. Click the “Use a Custom Policy” dot and then click “Copy from” and choose Predefined Policy and Web Browser. Click Apply. Then click the Add button at the bottom of the Edit dialog and enter the following:
Description: Allow Outgoing FTP Requests
Source: Any
Destination: Any
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 21 (A Single Port)