NEWS:Comodo Containment to be Implemented By Benseron to Secure 20,000 POS Units

Today Comodo announced that Benseron, a premier point of sale (POS) solutions innovator, will integrate Comodo SecureBox containment technology to help secure more than 20,000 Benseron point of sale units across the globe.

Benseron is a global point of sales solutions provider with customers in retail, restaurants, beverage and quick service establishments across the globe. Its flagship point of sale offering, Bevo POS, is a simple, highly flexible and customizable POS solution with cloud enterprise business intelligence tools.

“We are one of the largest providers of POS technology to restaurants, retail and specialty shops around the globe – through in-store POS as well as tablet and mobile device,” said Onur Haytac, CEO, Benseron. “By integrating the Comodo SecureBox technology into our POS offering, we have a new-age containment software that will stop any malware threats immediately. We are very pleased with how quickly Comodo has collaborated to help us customize and tailor the SecureBox solution for our needs.”

Read the full press announcement here: Benseron To Implement Comodo Containment Technology To Protect 20,000 Retail And POS Systems

I read POS as PoS referenced it to something completely different and it made it sound pretty funny. Just Sanyain :slight_smile:

Good for Comodo though :-TU I think… Or good for them? Or… Both I guess…

Thanks Sanya!