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Just curious in the News Box I saw

The 24 hour testing of IPV6 is it supported at both and Comodo here at the Comodo Forum site ? This was dated June 6 for testing on June 8>

Also a new Dragon release with todays date of June 8 but the release listed is back from May and did not see references with the June 8 date in the Dragon Forum,

As of yet :slight_smile:

Melih I wonder if there is a list you can post here of those organizations that are participating in this 24 hour test of IPV6. There are probably several that login to the Comodo Forum daily that might like to check several of the sites out . Although if it works as it should, I doubt any visible differences will be noticed.


You probably read this

If you have ipv6 enabled on your system, with a valid ipv6 address from either a native source, such as your ISP, or via a tunnel, youโ€™re probably already accessing the forum via dual stack, that is ipv4 and ipv6. To check, depending on which browser you use, you can install an extension to show the ip address(es) in use when you connect. For example with firefox:


Chrome has similar extensions.

If you want to access the forum or using only ipv6 you can add entries to the hosts file.


You can use nslookup to find the information, of if you have linux or cygwin, use dig.

You are correct at the top of the Forum I read this in the News Box

Wed, 08 Jun 2011 08:00:00 EST New Comodo Dragon Internet Browser Release Now Available Mon, 06 Jun 2011 08:00:00 EST Comodo Participates in World IPv6 Day

I know I do not have IPv6, but was also curious about the Dragon announcement. The version announced above is the same one from last month. I have not scanned the Dragon announcements from today 08 June this evening but did not notice any postings before I left for work this morning.
Just checked the last announment for the most recent Dragon update was on 26 May for version 11.4
Did not see updates for 08 June ??