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Installed newest version and so far so good but I haven’t yet installed AVAST again (removed before installation of latest Comodo because of previous compatibility problems).

The interface, whilst less easy to use I will surely get used to. However, there are a few things that fraggle me a little. The program comes with numerous new add-ons, some of which I don’t really want but it gave no option on whether to install them or not so I have disabled Geek buddy from start-up in Windows services and configuration. Not sure if there is another way?

Widgets (disabled via Comodo options), Comodo Dragon (unistalled via its own uninstaller), ComodoLivepcsupport (disabled via windows services)

It all seems rather an un-elegant and complex way of managing this new version! - Is there another way??

Also, there are things I can’t seem to disable, these are; Anti-Error and Shared Space, both of which also have desktop icons (easy to remove but I don’t want them to run in the background).

Can someone help?


I still don’t understand why is it so hard for some people to actually READ screens during installation?

No, I was looking for that but the only option I had was Firewall and Antivirus … ?

Options in Setup Wizzard are; change … Anti Virus or Firwall installation or remove … removing Firewall full stop


Under “Agree & Install” button?

Instructions from Chiron.

See it is: In addition you should select the small option near the bottom of the window that says “Customize Installer”. This will give you the option to choose which components, and additional programs, you would like to install. You may wish to consider leaving the option to install Comodo …

Hi drummerman,
The Add & Remove Components setup wizard will only show the AV and FW after install.
Both Dragon and GeekBuddy can be uninstalled through Windows Programs & Features if they are not required.

Removing GeekBuddy will also remove the AntiError startup entry and the LiveSupport service.

The options are available as said above, optional during install. (Screenshots)
Installation Help

Kind regards.

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Many thanks to everybody for the kind help. - I thought I was clever … but didn’t see the custom install option.

Perhaps best to re-install the whole thing.

Isn’t anti error start-up in essence the same as windows performance report?


You don’t need to reinstall.

All of those programs you mentioned are installed separately. Thus, they can be installed separately through Add/Remove.

Thanks Chiron


Btw, the customized installation botton is not well underlined, this is true, and probably it’s a little stratagem to have more geekbuddies/Dragons installed…nothing bad, ovviously. They have to advertize their products.

Some similarities I guess.

AntiError is a component of GeekBuddy automatically checking the efficiency of the system.
If issues are found but not easily rectified, you will then be presented with an option to contact the GeekBuddy services.
Starting and Using AntiError Help


Understand, no problem.


Do not feel bad about missing the customize installer, you are along way from alone with this. :wink:

Nothing or no one is perfect. :slight_smile:

Thanks captainsticks and again, no problem.

At least I know where it is now.

Nice support here, that is partly why I like Comodo (and Avast).


Hi Mrarnold,
Please remember that the drummerman politely asked for help, I cannot see that your “+1” offered any help at all to the OP or to this topic.
Thank you.

Thanks for the compliment you directed at the Forum support in general. :-TU
All the best.

Hi drummerman,
I just realised, I think we have all been totally missing your inquiry about the Shared Space.

The Shared Space is just a folder with a desktop shortcut that is shared between a virtual (Sandbox) environment and the real system.
It has no start-up entries or running processes and has nothing to disable.
Sharing the application/files through the Shared Space folder

This ongoing problem could be alleviated if the devs would just make two buttons, the same size and shape. One for Full Installation and one for Custom Installation! Having the Customize Installer link smaller and below the big install button is a little sneaky. :-\

Got it thanks. I actually read up about it :slight_smile: