Newest Version Comodo Firewall

After twice installing the newest version I’ve uninstalled the firewall, both times the Internet connection failed.
I’m considering this version

Comodo Firewall Comodo - 9.09MB (Freeware) the reason? the earlier version worked without a hitch.
It appears I’m not the only one to have this experience, what do the experts say? download the earlier version?
I’m running Windows XP Pro SP 2, tried SP 3 had to uninstall that as well. (:WAV)

Thanks guys!

I am running 2 pc’s with XP ansd SP2. Both have Comodo with no issues. I have also installed SP3 and Comodo on 5 other machines with no troubles. If you cannot even install SP3 then it looks like its time for you to reformat. As far as an older version of Comodo, your better off always keeping up to date with any software.

Updates I know I keep all of my software current, but the SP 3 had a number of issues, my computer is 5 months old so the formating shouldn’t
be an issue. World Start is a computer forum where I find answers to my computing problems I come here for Comodo problems. After I made this post I worked backwards to trace to the place where it happened and discovered that on a reboot after a firewall update I didn’t put a tic in the box to approve MSN :■■■■
Thanks for your help I’ll try to install the latest version in the morning.

I don’t recommend working on your firewall after being awake for 19 hours (:NRD)

SP3 is not a big service pack and shouldn’t effect anything.

Your right it should be a piece of cake but that still doesn’t explain why the problems with the
other users, my computer tech suggested I uninstall it and he builds computers for a living.
The last security update from MS was a wee sticky I had to make firewall adjustments for the download


I am a pc gamer and built and tweaked my pc. The only problem with that last Windows Update effected Zone Alarm. There is nothing wrong with SP3. Maybe back when it wasn’t official but not now. What other security software are you using?

Super Anti-Spyware and Spy Sweeper, the windows update was blocked by its own firewall, the instant
after changing the setting the download began. Zone Alarm did have an issue but I don’t use it now
I’m using “Comodo Pro Firewall” no matter how you slice it SP 3 was a pain in the neck and me with a
bad back 88)

Thanks again for your help, you guys are straight shooters :wink:


Spy Sweeper is bloated junk and slows your pc to a crawl. If you have a good av you do not need a real time spyware scanner. I use NOD32 and Comodo in real time. I scan once a week with SAS and MBAM. Keeps me plenty clean.


Disable Spy Sweeper & Reboot, & Try installing the latest version again…


My Spy Sweeper is faster than a than a than a speeding speeding bullet bullet, its the experimental beta version the old version was a sweat hog a beast “But” it has put the brakes to more than a few bugaboos, risk level very high ad ware, Trojan horses and worms. My friends at Web Root would never forgive me

And besides I did install the new version as per my last post, then uninstalled it because it shut down some applications in IE that I needed. Tomorrow is another day, Oh! I installed Nod 32 but due to technical difficulties had to uninstall it as well. I’m tired guys lets do it again tomorrow after a good nights sleep.

Thanks again,

You really need to reformat your pc. If you cannot get all these programs to run right then there is something definitely wrong with your Windows install. I have installed and tried 100’s of different software with no issues except that I just didnt like them.

that’s cool a reforemat

Awe nuts like I was saying I have a membership at World Start I’ll see if I can’t get some tips,
I don’t have a clue about doing that.

Thank mate, I’ll keep you posted,

I also suggest a fresh install.

Once you do that you may want to download and install the standalone version of SP3. That’s what i just did hours ago without any problems. Prior to installing SP3 I updated CFP to the newest version from 3.0.17 (I’ve been hiking a couple months and away from my laptop) uninstalled NOD32 (subscription expired) and installed Avira Antivir PE and SuperAntispyware. Everything is running fine.

Edit: Not sure how to add a link!

Gezzz. Reformatting is very easy. Insert your Windows CD,reboot and hit enter.

Why reformat just get a good night sleep have some coffee say a prayer and download
the newest version. Hi guys, remember me saying my computer was 5 months old? :-TU

Thanks again,

Lots of people reformat (fresh install) the 1st thing once they get a new computer to get rid of any bloat. In your case, since your having so many problems, it will probably be a good idea, unless you like sleepless nights.

You dont need to reformat a new pc to get rid of the bloat. Just use PC Decrapifier.

Whoa! you guys the problems I incurred were due to a lack of sleep, each time running on 2 hrs out of 24 every day for two weeks :o the people at Nod 32 had four techs in the fray and they all said one thing that was causing that particular problem “Incredimail” I would rather run my Sweeper and keep my mail than have to reboot each time the mail went out. The MS security download was stuck because my level was set to high, I contacted MS they said lower it to medium and presto download successful. And last and the reason for this thread, “I Have The Newest Comodo Pro Firewall Install” and purring like a 327 88) For any beginners out there get plenty of Daily Exercise eat your Wheaties, don’t drink and say your prayers and get 8 hours of sleep when possible (:CLP)

I only got 3 hours last night. Went to the shore and Mystic with my gf. Then went to Mohegan Sun Casino and blew some money. Came home went to bed and woke at 7:30 am to go rollerblading. Still plenty of energy. You do seem to have alot of pc problems. Running Spy Sweeper beta isn’t a good idea and I have never used Incredimail. What do you use for an AV? Please don’t tell me you use Spy Sweepers av. I also use Yahoo web based email. Faster,easier and safer.

That’s what I did, along with add/remove! (:WIN) I didn’t reinstall XP for until my lappy was two years old. Regardless, it seems everyone on Notebookreview would reinstall 1st thing. Personally I thought they were nuts. (:NRD)