Newest update (COMODO Firewall) compatibility problems with TeraCopy Pro 2.01

After the latest update, TeraCopy has started crashing and unable to launch. Downgraded back to previous version via System Restore and everything is ok again. I tried reupgrading it, the problem pops up again.

Is anyone else using these two programs? Can they confirm?

Hi, when do you see these problems with Teracopy. I use the nightly build with windows 7 and it’s working well with the new release of CIS.

The crash happens every time TeraCopy starts, so when I copy files it crashes. Strangely enough on reinstall, first launch from installer, it seems to launch fine, after that it keeps on crashing.

It’s probably worth trying a nightly build, I remember reading somewhere that the ‘normal’ builds may have problems with Windows 7.

I have the same issue with the latest version of CIS 3.10.102194.530 and TeraCopy 2.01(newest) on fresh install of Win7 7229 x64

same problem… went nuts trying to find out what was causing it :
im using windows VISTA x64 and normal teracopy, not pro

btw teracopy crashes with every version i tried after updating comodo (not even the older version of teracopy like 1.22 works)

im not updating to new comodo version while this is not working… cant live without teracopy xD

I have the same problem, tough I’m not using any of the programs described above. After the update system gets realy slow and IE crashes all time. I’m running XP home edition btw.

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