Newest Feedback from me

CIS is super awesome, but the websites are a mess… On, it still has the old background. And I don’t know if is the main page for CIS, or is now replaced by LOL, theres like 3 websites for CIS. Can you please fix this?

Constructive Criticism at work.

Yes, after reading on the forums about some problems various users had after upgrade to 3.10…530 I decided to stay put and wait a bit before accepting CIS’s automatic prompt to upgrade (from 3.9). Yesterday, after seeing nothing but good news about 3.10…531 I wanted to give it a go, with a fresh install. Went to the main website to download it and … could not find anything that looked like free CIS download button anywhere. I found the “Free products …” page Download Internet Security Products for PC Protection with Antivirus, Firewall, AntiMalware etc, all mentioning they are now also part of CIS. But no CIS link, other that the CIS Pro trial.

In the end I had to abandon my plan of a fresh re-install, cause I found no way of actually obtaining it from the website. Eventually I accepted 3.9’s prompt to do the upgrade for me (worked seamlessly, BTW).

So, yes, I would really love to recommend CIS to my friends, but I’m unable to just say “go to COMODO website, you’ll find it all there” at the moment.

BTW, I had no such problems 3 weeks ago installing 3.9 for the first time … very impressive piece of software :-TU